Cheap TI 83 Graphing Calculator

November 7, 2020


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I’d been searching for a cheap TI 83 graphing calculator for a while now. Since they can be pretty expensive, I thought I’d share what I’ve found during my research.

What is a graphing calculator?
It’s a brilliant piece of technology that can make life so much easier for math and science students. It’s used mostly for higher level math – trigonometry and calculus – and allows you to work with several equations simultaneously. You can enter any equation and see it graphed – it makes the task of graphing really difficult equations quick and easy. The LCD screen allows you to track your calculations by letting you see all of the numbers you enter.

Many of these calculators, apart from solving equations and being able to store and analyze up to ten matrices together with data storage in lists of nearly 1000 elements per list also have the facility for playing games. The TI-83 Plus is one of the best calculators for this function – with thousands of games you can download online for free. You can also actually program simple games on it, and in fact it’s a great introduction to computer programming if you’re interested in going into that. Compared to the more expensive models, this one is much easier to use, and if you can find it at a good price, it’s excellent value for money.

Finding a cheap TI-83
Although you can get more advanced models, the TI-83 has all the functionality needed for calculus, trig, statistics and more. However, if you’re needing a graphing calculator for physics or chemistry you’ll need a more advanced version like the TI-89 instead. Good quality graphing calculators are expensive, costing up to $260, but you can get cheap ones if you shop around. Instead of paying the regular retail price, you can find a cheap TI 83 graphing calculator online if you know where to look

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