How to Download IPSW Files Directly From Apple Server

Cupertino based mobile giant, Apple has always been known for their quality products. One of the main reason why they have one of the most selling products in the market is because of their policy and support system. They have always been leader in mobile industry. Analysts has already called Apple as better technology company compared to competitors like Microsoft Windows Phone and Google’s Android. Apple has always been very secretive about their products and they always believe in providing secure product with regular updates. This is the reason why you can not downgrade iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad firmwares easily. Apple only allows to download the firmware via iTunes which means that you can not download the old firmware. Samsung stock rom

In order to run the earlier version of the Apple’s firmware you need to find the direct download from the server. There are many blogs available which provides the direct download link. There is one condition though, you can not downgrade Apple products like iPhone to earlier version if you’ve not saved SHSH blobs. Apple signs SHSH blobs of the firmware to keep track of several things. Once they release a new firmware,they stop signing old firmware blobs. There are several tools available like TinyUmbrella and iFaith which lets you save SHSH blobs. iFaith is more advanced tool, as it lets you dump SHSH of currently running on your iOS device (it doesn’t matter whether Apple is still signing it or not).

In order to download old firmware you need to find download links from the Internet. It is a time consuming process to search Google for individual links. If you’re looking for a simpler way, then there are two different tools available which let you do that. These two tools are

openIPSW (for Windows only) and
ipswDownloader (for both Windows and Mac)
As the name suggests they both allow you to download IPSW file from Apple server directly. One of the best thing about them is that they also provide resume and pause support which means you can resume your downloads at any point of time. openIPSW is an open source program for Windows users. While, ipswDownloader is not ab open source program. Both the programs are available for free of cost and are regularly updated with the links of newly released firmware.

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