Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally – Why Numbing Creams Are the Worst For Treating PE

Creams used for PE treatment work in the way that they numb the penis, reducing sensation to the genitals. The way that they attempt to fix the issue is that the manufacturer assumes that reducing sensation to the penis will delay orgasm because of less stimulation and therefore, pleasure. This works to a degree in most cases. Unfortunately, there are a couple of big side-effects that those who use numbing creams have as opposed to those who treat premature ejaculation naturally. Tktx numbing cream

1) Less Pleasure For Both Partners

Unfortunately, some of the numbing cream will inevitably rub off inside of the woman’s vagina. This will cause a numbing feeling for you AS WELL AS for her. Since the whole point of curing PE is to give yourself and your partner more sexual pleasure, using creams is counter-productive. This problem doesn’t exist for those that treat premature ejaculation naturally. Besides, most numbing creams are not intended to be used inside the body, so accidentally getting a chemical solution inside of the woman’s vagina may pose certain health risks.

2) Not Fixing the CAUSE of PE

Using numbing creams to treat PE is a temporary, surface-level solution that fails to address the core issues of why the PE exists in the first place. It numbs the penis but doesn’t help address problems in the man’s mental, hormonal, physical and emotional states; unlike for those that treat premature ejaculation naturally. Wouldn’t it be great to have awesome sex all the time, without needing a tub of cream to help you have sex like a normal person?

Creams work – in the short-term, but they ultimately pose health risks and provide a very shallow

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