Company Formation in Hong Kong- The Basics

November 7, 2020


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The Business License Application Form or the Certificate of Incorporation for Company Formation Hong Kong is used to establish the business. It also contains details of all other required documents like the Articles of Association, the Articles of Organization, and the Articles of Transfer. The application form for company registration in the Hong Kong government must be submitted at least six months before applying for the license. This form is available from the Companies House.
There are several conditions for company formation Hong Kong,which you should comply with if you wish to open an offshore business in Hong Kong through the Private Limited Company and run an offshore business in Hong Kong. The following are the main requirements for company formation in Hong Kong.
The business needs to be registered in the Companies House. You can contact the Companies House by phone or visit the office. Once the company has been established, the registered office will be listed in the Register of Companies. Before starting a business in Hong Kong, you should check with the registered office and see if your business is registered with them. The office will also provide you with the company registration papers which are required to start a business in Hong Kong.
The name of the company should be unique. You can include the word Hong Kong as the first part of the name. You can also include the word Offshore Company or Offshore Limited Company as the first part of the name.
Your registered office will give you the name of the registered office and the name of the company. It would help if you kept the name of the company separate from your name. Otherwise, you may end up owning two companies. You can use one company name but use the initials of the name as a title. If you have more than one company, it is better to use the initials for the name of each of the companies and then use one name for the company.
The business can be started only by a qualified person who is a director of the company. It is also necessary to appoint a secretary as a director in case the person is not qualified. He/she can also act as secretary in case you are not in the office. When you want to open a company, you need to appoint the correct person as the director.
Before opening the business, you should prepare a Business Plan. This document contains all the essential information about the company. It should include details like the purpose of the company, the type of business, and the name of the registered office, the mode of working, the objectives, and the legal status of the company.
Before hiring a consultant, you should check with the Companies House whether there is a consultant in the area you intend to start HK company formation. The consultants can be found by calling the Companies House or visiting the office of the registrar. If you are running the business in Hong Kong for business purposes, you need a lawyer as a consultant. If you want to do the business for personal purposes, you can hire an accountant or a bookkeeper.
You should also research the registration process for company formation in Hong Kong. There are some basic requirements for registration. These include a complete set of articles of organization, the business license, the registration fee, and the articles of association.
The accountant can give you a financial report before the start of your business. After you have received the report, you can hire a solicitor to prepare the business plan.
Registration of the company in the Hong Kong government is done through the local government. It takes three to six months. If you want to do it online, you can use the same service provided by the Companies House or by using the online service provided by the Government of Hong Kong.

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