Enabling Strategy for Insurance Agencieswitha Video Streaming Platform

December 13, 2020


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Insurance agencies have long been heavy video consumers for functions ranging from sales & marketing to corporate communication. But with a rapidly growing enterprise video market, their use cases have heavily evolved too. They are now using enterprise video for fundamental functions, including more fast and accurate claims processing, and training for insurance agents, inspectors and investigators.

Enterprise video streaming platforms like VIDIZMO provide a secure and comprehensive solution for end-to-end video streaming and content management with features such as enterprise-class security and analytics, and capable of integrating with IT business applications.

The following are just a few of the highlights that VIDIZMO, recognized by Gartner for enterprise video content management, has to offer for the insurance industry.

Multiple Channels for Inter-Departmental Use

VIDIZMO provides a multi-channel platform that allows administrators to create as many channels as needed, such asdifferent channels for departments responsible for managing general liability and worker’s compensation,for complete user and content segregation. Furthermore, channels can be additionally divided into smaller categories based on the roles of each user in the organization or other variables, such as timezones. For example, the general liability channel could be split into smaller groups for users present in Eastern andWestern time zone. This guarantees privacy, as well as complete control and independence to administer their channels.

Authentication and Synchronization with Single Sign-On (SSO):With a range of authentication protocols, VIDIZMO provides secure enterprise SSO integration including directory service (e.g., Azure AD, ADFS, SAML-P and WS-Federation) and identity providers (e.g., Ping, Okta, etc.). 3rdparty sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter Office365, etc., can also be used to authorize and authenticate users. Furthermore, organizations that have to synchronize and map entire groups or domains in enterprise AD to a specific channel, VIDIZMO provides ID Connector sync service to add or remove entire AD forest domains from a channel. As such, administrators have more control over who can access which channel.

Access Control and Permission based on Role in the Organization

Insurance agencies can assign each user a specific role that allows them to control the level of access and kind of permissions each user has. VIDIZMO provides five types of user roles; Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributorand Viewer. These roles can also be customized as required by the organization. For example, an administrator has complete control over the platform while contributors can only view, upload and edit content on the video streaming platform.

Automatic & Editable Transcriptions and Closed Captions

Transcriptions and closed captions enable greater content accessibility, particularly for those with hearing disabilities or from different language backgrounds. It also allows organizations to ensure Section 508 compliance and make videos and audio more easily searchable through metadata indexing.VIDIZMO provides automatic transcription and closed captioning throughartificial intelligence (AI) services frominnovative technology providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc. Users can also manually edit the transcript. And for on-premise customers, VIDIZMO provides their own on-premise transcription services for their video streaming platform as well.

CompatibilityWith All Devices and File Formats

VIDIZMO supports more than 255+ different video, audio and other digital file formats. Users can bulk upload, encodeand playback media from anybrowser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.,) or device (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc.), and under any network conditions. Users can also automatically upload videos and meetings from video conferencing systems such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, etc.,and telepresence tools like Cisco Telepresence or Polycom Real Presence.And with VIDIZMO’s highly robust Upload API, organizations can establish custom content ingestion workflows.

Interoperability with Business IT Systems and Applications

VIDIZMO allows organizations to integrate their enterprise video streaming platform with any CMS (e.g., SharePoint, SiteCore, etc.), CRM (e.g., HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.), LMS (e.g., Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) and video conferencing systems (e.g, Zoom,BlueJeans, etc.). Take, for example, you can integrate the video streaming platform with any version of SharePoint for live and on-demand video streaming, management and sharing in a familiar SharePoint interface. Furthermore, VIDIZMO supports a variety of hardware and software, including cloud services, content delivery networks (CDNs) and encoding tools to work with the platform.VIDIZMO also provides its VIDIZMO API, HTML embed code integrationand widgetsfor custom integration.

Evidence Collection From Inspectors, Customers and Other stakeholders

Multiple user roles and customizable access and permission controls allow VIDIZMO to enable evidence crowdsourcing from any stakeholder. For example, customers can be permitted to upload and edit videos and other media only while insurance inspectors can also be allowed to moderate evidence submitted by customers in addition to uploading and editing evidence from inspection sites. Multiple portals and channels can also help manage and facilitate evidence from 3rd party providers.

Audit Logs and Chain of Custody (CoC)

With detailed audit logs, VIDIZMO enables monitoring for all activity on the enterprise video streaming platform, in addition to powerful media analytics for measuring viewer engagement and content effectiveness. VIDIZMO also maintains Chain of Custody (CoC) with details regarding who accessed a piece of evidence, when they accessed it, with whom it was shared, etc. As such, insurance agencies can track all activity, and analyze trends to gauge content effectiveness&gain insights toimprove their content (especially for training &learning videos).

Object & Facial Recognition With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By leveraging cloud technology such as Azure Media Services, VIDIZMO provides cognitive services for features such as object and facial recognition through metadata extraction on the video streaming platform. This enables insurance agencies to easily find important things and damages and fast forward to where they can be viewed for respective claims instead of having to search through piles of evidence and content. This enables quicker claims processing and streamlines the process, sparing time and resources that can be invested in other tasks and goals.Moreover, drone video footage sent to disaster or emergency sites for inspection can be analyzed in a much more efficient manner and a greater focus on the facial & object insights.

Seamless Migration FromOn-Premise to Cloud/Hybrid Deployment

VIDIZMO’s enterprise video streaming platform is deployable on-premise, in any public or private cloud or in a hybrid model. The platform enables smooth migration for content on on-premise datacenters to the cloud, or vice versa. VIDIZMO also enables such in case of a hybrid deployment infrastructure hybrid, where some of the infrastructuresareretained on-premisewhile others are kept in the cloud.


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