Most Popular Interior Home Paint Colors – And Why

From bold colors to soft, quiet pastels, interior home painting can make a statement about each room, and help bring out the right moods for entertaining, or just relaxing quietly for the evening.

Here are the most popular colors for interior home painting projects, and why they’ve achieved such star-status in homes all over the nation.

Popularity Shifts with Room Function

Before looking at the most popular colors, it’s important to note that the popularity of a color will depend upon the room’s function, and what mood the home painters are trying to convey. For example, bright orange would not likely be a popular color for a bedroom, as this color tends to keep people awake, and would be far more appropriate for a teenager’s study room or a computer room, where concentration is a must. pendant light

Keeping that in mind, there are three colors that have been getting a wide amount of usage in interior home painting – white, reds, and various shades of blue.


White remains a #1 staple for interior painters – for a variety of reasons. White is a safe color, and goes with every kind of flooring and furniture. Décor can be changed without worrying about having to repaint later on down the road. However, there are some limitations to white, which is why the other colors are gaining popularity. Home design experts agree that too much white can give the home a “hospital” feel – sterile, and cold.


Red is a highly popular color because of its boldness and versatility, and makes an excellent accent wall. It is great for kitchens and living rooms where people wish to make an “activity” statement. By adding a touch of yellow, the red takes on an orange hue, and can brighten the mood without being overwhelming. By adding a bit of brown or coffee shades, the red becomes a dark, subdued color that is perfect for encouraging comfy and cozy dens.

Aqua and Blue Hues

Light blues and bold blue accent walls are very popular for a baby boy’s bedroom. Bright blues and muted blues can be interchanged in a spa room to either give energy or add a quiet feel to the room (depending on which shade of blue is used). Blue is considered a relaxing color, and has gained popularity as a “sleepy time” color – particularly the deeper, more muted shades of blue.

Accent Walls

Some home painters break up the white monotone with accent walls, especially if they don’t want to go overboard with bold colors. Sometimes interior painters will choose to do an entire room in a single bold color, which works in rooms such as dens and bathrooms. With living rooms, the interior home painting strategy of an accent wall can open up the room, making it seem bigger.

No matter what colors are chosen for an interior home painting project, choose hues that make a statement for each room, and open up a whole new world in interior design.

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