The interesting life journey of Brunel Wekho

  • Life of all the people is not going to similar. Here some of the people are happy and some of the people become sad because he does not have the thing he was looking for. A similar thing to the Brunel Wekho where he is getting happy because of the thing he was looking for he has. But behind this, he needs to works a lot. He is now the owner of Sancover Music what is a popular Belgian music record level. All things do not come without hard work. He has done a lot of hard work and he was passionate about those things. And lastly, he has the things. I guess this will be interesting to explain about him. So today we will talk about this in this session.
  • Beginning of the journey
  • This sounds crazy but true that he was started working when he was only 13. At that time he did not have any support without family. And this is the reason he has suffered a lot of problems. All the way long he was too passionate and confident about one day the time will be changed and people will getting him a positive way. This is the reason today he is still on the market.
  • Works and music’s
  • Right now Brunel Wekho is a social media guy. He has a lot of social media followers. All the major media like Facebook, Twitter, instream has operated by own. Then again he is active on Spotify to share all the production he does. As a professional guy, he is remaking a lot of Dutch, Belgian, and English songs which are dance numbers and party numbers too. He wants to spend the rest of the time of his life with music since he hasa love for it.
  • Future goal and target
  • In a different interview, he was talking about these things that he does not have too much greedy thought. But he wants to become the largest music producer in his country. Then again he has some plans with his music level which is known as the sancover music. He wants to make it to the world-class music level. He has some more plans to make his song. Till now he is doing the cover and other remake productions.
  • See some people are going to compare another achievement by the luck. I believe in luck but this does not mean, you will never need to work more to improve it. If you work hard more, then God will change your luck. And this is a very common thing. There are a lot of people who have a lot of good results because they have worked a lot. Similar thing for the Brunel Wekho. Because he never waiting for luck. This is true that he is not the established musician in his country now. But he is getting progress. Day by day he works hard to improve. Because of all the things one day he will able to become the most demanding artist in his country.

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